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Arm Lift

Arm Lift Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

Arm Lift surgery with Liposuction results in a more toned appearance of your arms and higher self-confidence.  Exclusively Cosmetic Surgery by Shape Cosmetic Surgery & Med Spa in Spokane and Tri Cities.  Arm lift can help with the loss of skin elasticity in the upper arm, which is a problem that can be seen with increasing age or after significant weight loss.

The primary method to tighten the skin of the upper arm and remove excess fat is called brachioplasty (arm lift). The most common way this is done is by utilizing liposuction, followed by an incision that extends from the armpit to the elbow located on the inner arm. This technique allows for maximum skin and fat removal. Variants of this technique may use a less extensive incision in cases where less skin and fat removal is necessary. Your cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Lundeby, will review your situation and recommend the appropriate incision type for you.

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