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Breast Revision

Breast Revision Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

Breast Revision Surgery at Shape Cosmetic Surgery can help patient’s attain the look they desire when previous breast surgery left them dissatisfied.  Dr. Lundeby has amazing results from patient’s whom have came to his practice looking to restore their breast to a desirable contour after prior breast surgery.  Corrective breast surgery is available for many issues stemming from prior breast surgery.  Even in good hands, breast surgery can fail to meet expectations.  Some of these are medical- such as capsular contracture or poor scarring.  Some are aesthetic, such as over descent of an implant or failure to obtain symmetry with a lift or reduction procedure. In most cases these corrective breast surgeries can result in a soft, realistic breast with minimal post-operative discomfort.  Improvement is likely, excellent results are obtainable.

Breast Implant Problems Include:


Capsular contracture is the most common medical complication of breast implant surgery, which can occur within 6 weeks after the original surgery. This post-operative complication can develop any time a saline or silicone gel implant is placed within the human body. Capsular contracture is the body’s normal “walling off” process; it is a defense mechanism for dealing with something that is not biologically recognized.


Breast Revision with Spokane Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Lundeby

Women who have undergone breast implant surgery elsewhere, and are now dissatisfied with their outcome may choose to undergo breast revision surgery. Dr. Lundeby will examine each woman’s individual situation in order to help determine the best way to correct her specific problem and provide optimal results.

Dr. Lundeby provides custom care for outstanding results.

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