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Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

Fat Transfer surgery in Spokane and Tri-cities is performed at Shape Cosmetic Surgery.   Fat Transfer enhances facial and body contours with removal of fat by liposuction, then injecting the fat into the desired areas.  A fat transfer uses your own fat cells, which means that it’s biocompatible, and may help eliminate the risk of allergic reaction or rejection. Also, a body fat transfer feels and looks more natural than a body implant.  

Fat Transfer procedure can be described in three steps:

  1. Antiseptic and a topical anesthetic are applied to two areas: the location where the fat will be removed (donor site) and the treated area where the fat will be injected. The donor site is typically the abdomen or thighs.
  2. The fat cells are harvested from the donor site through one of several types of liposuction.
  3. The fat cells are processed before they are injected into the treated area.

Fat transfers behave very much as normal tissue, both in the way they appear and feel to the patient.  They are long lasting, though still subject to the body’s natural aging processes.  Fat transfers work well in the face, hands, and buttocks.  They are also useful when we perform lip correction surgery for patient’s who come to us with a liposuction result that they would like to have improved.

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