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Healing Body and Mind

Healing Body and Mind Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

At Shape Cosmetic Surgery, we believe that healing body and mind after plastic surgery in Spokane, Washington is very important.  Most of us find it to be very hard to slow our daily routines. We are the generation of smart cars, smart phones and busy schedules.  Many of us imagine what it would feel like to take a few days off from our daily routine and actually relax.  How many of us can do this?  How many of us actually relax when we have the opportunity?

Having a plastic surgery procedure may require you to take those relaxation days and actually relax.  Yes, that is translated into “Lay around the house relaxing” J

Healing your body and mind can be stressful and not relaxing if you do not feel prepared for your procedure.  We encourage you to ask any questions you may have during your consultation or pre-operative appointment, or give us a call/email.  If you have any questions or concerns post-operatively, you may always reach Dr. Lundeby by calling our office @ 509-458-7546 twenty-four (24) a day.

We have provided a few helpful tips and to assist you healing:

1. Rest or immobilize the part of your body that undergo the surgery, as recommended by your doctor. This means following Dr. Lundeby’s rules. If you have been given a weight restriction for your upper body please follow it.  Following your post operative instructions will allow a smoother recovery for you.


2. Your body is will require extra sleep!


3.  Feel thirsty?  Drink plenty of water!  Your body will require extra hydration during your recovery.


4. Nutrition is very important.  Eat well.


5. As you start to heal and start to get back to your normal routine, learn to pace yourself better. Be careful and start out slowly. Work a little less.