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Lip Lift

Lip Lift Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

Plastic surgery to enhance your upper lip contour by having a Lip Lift is performed at Shape Cosmetic Surgery. An upper lip lift procedure is also known as an upper lip shortening procedure.  The lip lift procedure is ideal for those patients who feel as if their upper lip is too long.

 An upper lip that is considered too long is best appreciated on the frontal view of the face. In the context of this discussion, the upper lip refers to the portion that extends from where the columella of the nose ends (the column in between the nostrils) down to the red (or pink) portion of the lip. Some cosmetic surgeons feel that the ideal length of the upper lip is somewhere between 12-15 millimeters (mm) as measured in the vertical direction. Obviously there is some variability in this measurement based on the surrounding facial features. If the upper lip is significantly longer than average though, it can draw unwanted attention to this area and may benefit from an upper lip lift or lip shortening procedure. 

If, with your mouth open a centimeter or so, you cannot see your upper incisors in the mirror, you may be a candidate for a lip lift.

What is an Upper Lip Lift?

An upper lip lift is a procedure where the excess skin is removed in a strategic manner to create a shorter lip as measured in the vertical dimension. There are two different types of an upper lip lift. The first involves making an incision along the vermillion border of the lip, which is the junction of where the red (pink) and white lip meet. The vermillion border has also been referred to as the lip roll. A segment of skin is removed from immediately above the vermillion border then sutured closed very carefully. In doing so, the upper lip is effectively pulled upward and shortened.  This is called a direct lip lift.  Unfortunately, the scar from this incision can be quite visible in some patients making this approach for an upper lip lift much less desirable.

The subnasal lip lift involves removing a segment of skin from the lip just at the lower border of the nose.  This procedure leaves a scar that is hidden in part by the nose and typically heals well.  It everts or rolls out the lip well and avoids the visible scar of the direct lift.

Recovery from an Upper Lip Lift

Recovery from a subnasal lip lift varies between 5-7 days.  During that time, many patients elect to minimize their public appearances. There is usually a moderate amount of swelling the first 72 hours, which can be controlled with cold compresses over the upper lip.  There is normally some degree of what is called wound eversion, with the incision appearing red and slightly raised.  This resolves with time.

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