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Pregnancy after Plastic Surgery

Pregnancy after Tummy Tuck Plastic Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

Cosmetic plastic surgery after pregnancy whether performed at  Shape Cosmetic Surgery or elsewhere may change your surgery results. Of course you can have a baby after a tummy tuck, breast augmentation (breast implants) or liposuction, but keep in mind you may lose some of your results.  If you had plastic surgery for a tummy tuck and your abdominal muscles were repaired at the time of surgery, they may separate again after pregnancy.  Don’t worry- all this can be fixed again.  Congratulations on your pregnancy from Shape Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa!

All cosmetic surgical procedures require at least a few months from which to fully recover.  Women who may still be recovering from their cosmetic surgery and discover that they are pregnant should immediately discuss the situation with Dr. Lundeby so he may go over your risks and complications throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy after tummy tuck surgery that has not completely recovered can obviously lead to some potential complications, though most women will find that they are healed enough to avoid any risks.

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