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Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift LIposuction Plastic Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

Massive weight loss can be treated by a thigh lift cosmetic surgical procedure at Shape Cosmetic Surgery in Spokane and Kennewick.  Patients may find themselves left with excess skin, which may hang in unattractive folds.  Shape Cosmetic Surgery can help the effects of time and gravity that cause the skin of the inner and outer thigh to lose its tone.  In general, the inner thighs are affected earlier than the outer thighs.

Along with sagging skin, the thighs can be an area of fat collection. Excessive fat can produce an unpleasant contour. For many individuals, in particular women, the fatty deposits do not respond to weight loss or exercise. Liposuction alone may improve the contour of the thighs when skin tone is good and excessive fat is the primary problem. However, when liposuction is performed on an individual with loose skin or existing cellulite, these conditions may well be worsened. The thigh lift procedure usually involves both liposuction and the removal of excessive skin from either the inner or outer thigh or both.

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