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TouchMD Experience

Plastic Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

TouchMD is designed to help you as a patient be better informed and aware of your medical experiences, under the direction of your doctor. We provide the web portal as a free service to all patients so that you may relive the experience you had in your doctor’s exam room.


Patient Registration

Patient information is captured through TouchMD, allowing future contact with patients over time through email. This information creates a profile of services the patient is interested in allowing specific direct marketing.

Practice Introduction

TouchMD is customized for the doctor and highlights the practice using video or still images. This information allows the patient to become comfortable with the doctor and their staff.

Topics: Video Library

TouchMD uses video content from accredited sources to help patients understand procedures and treatments. TouchMD is continually updated as the industry advances.

Anatomy: Image Library

Doctors can draw on anatomy images with the touch of a finger to illustrate conditions, procedures or possible outcomes. These images can be saved for the patient to review online at home.

Before and After Gallery

Doctors can easily transform their Before and After Gallery into an electronic format to discuss with their patients. Doctors can communicate possible outcomes from their gallery and illustrate how they achieved desired results.

Patient Gallery

Consultation images and photos can be saved in the patient gallery for review by the doctor and patient. Patients can also review their personal gallery to relive their consultation either online or from their smart phone.

Patient Information

TouchMD explains pre- and post-operative care. It educates the patient giving a better understanding for their upcoming procedure.

Plastic Surgery Spokane and Tri Cities, WA

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