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Vaginal Rejuvenation

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A Labiaplasty is vaginal rejuvenation cosmetic surgical procedure.  Labiaplasty can assist patients in obtaining the look they desire for those intimate areas.  Labiaplasty is a procedure performed for women who dislike the large size of their labia minora, which may cause embarrassment with a sexual partner or discomfort in tight pants, with sports, or during sexual intercourse. Some women are born with enlarged labia and therefore opt to have labiaplasty; whereas others develop the enlargement with age or from childbirth. A labia reduction (labiaplasty) procedure can be performed to reduce the labia minora.

Correction of the labia is both simple and reliable. Removal of the excess labia can create a more natural appearance and the patient will still be able to feel normal sensation after surgery. It will be almost impossible to see any scarring.

The ideal outcome is more a natural but improved appearance to the labia with the labia minora touching and being slightly more prominent that the labia majora.

Patients may return to work when they feel ready, but sexual activity should be avoided for six weeks following surgery.

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